Welcome to Venezuela! We are glad that you have decided to explore our beautiful country. Venezuela is a South American country located on the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Its capital is Caracas, which is also the largest city in the country. Venezuela has more than 32 million inhabitants, most of them live in the big cities.

The largest city in Venezuela is Caracas, which is also the capital. About 4 million people live in Caracas. This populous city is divided into two parts: East and West. Caracas is a beautiful city that boasts modern skyscrapers, magnificent old buildings and impressive monuments. Caracas is also known for its delicious food, especially the traditional arepa, a type of delicious corn pancake.

The second largest city in Venezuela is Maracaibo, which is also the economic capital of the country. It is the largest city in the state of Zulia and has 2 million inhabitants. Here, the locals have a vibrant culture that is reflected in the city’s numerous art galleries and museums. Maracaibo is also famous for its unique cuisine, especially the traditional Maracaibo pan and the special “Maracaibos beef”.

Valencia is the third largest city in Venezuela and has about 1.5 million inhabitants. This popular tourist destination is located in the heart of the state of Carabobo and is known for its spectacular beaches for swimming, surfing and relaxing. Valencia is also known for its exquisite carnival and delicious cuisine, especially the typical pabellón cuisine, which consists of beans, rice and beef.

Venezuela also offers many sights and attractions that make a trip here unforgettable. Caracas is known for its breathtaking views of the Teques Valley, for the world-famous Avila National Park and for the famous Eastern Mission building. Maracaibo is known for its interesting “Villa del Rosario” and for its beautiful theater. Valencia has the world famous Valencia Square, the beautiful national park “Morrocoy National Park” and the spectacular coastline.

Some of the most popular tours in Venezuela are also the adventurous hikes through the jungles. These hikes can be done in the tropical rainforests of the Amazon or in the other wild regions of Venezuela. It is a wonderful way to explore the country’s incredible biodiversity, fascinating landscapes and beautiful places.

To enjoy the best delicacies of Venezuela, we recommend you try the traditional dishes of the region. Among the country’s specialties are casabe, a dried corn flatbread, and pabellon criollo, a dish made of rice and beans. You should also try the many other delicacies, such as arepas, a popular corn flatbread, empanadas, small dumplings filled with meat and vegetables, and asado negro, a beef roast with black pepper and onions.

We hope we have inspired you to explore Venezuela. It is a beautiful country, full of breathtaking landscapes, spectacular sights and delicious food. Have fun exploring!

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