Welcome to Serbia! This country in southeastern Europe will delight you with its breathtaking scenery, fascinating cultural attractions and diverse gastronomic offerings. Serbia is a unique destination to discover.

Serbia is a country with a turbulent history and a rich culture. The capital, Belgrade, is a bustling and modern metropolis known primarily for its historical sights and countless shopping and entertainment opportunities. With a population of 1.6 million people, Belgrade is the largest city in Serbia. Belgrade is home to a variety of museums, theaters and theaters that take visitors on a journey through the country’s history.

The second largest city in the country is Novi Sad, with a population of 320,000. Novi Sad is a beautiful, historic city that is home to some of the country’s best sights, including the 17th-century Petrovaradin Fort and the Catholic Church of the Assumption of Mary. It is also home to the EXIT Festival, one of the largest music festivals in Europe.

Kragujevac is the third largest city in Serbia, with a population of about 170,000 people. It is a lively and modern city, known for its architecture and culture. There are many attractions here, including some of the best museums in the country, such as the National Museum of Serbian History and the Automobile Museum.

There are many attractions in Serbia that are worth visiting. A particular highlight is the Golubac Fortress, located on a rocky outcrop on the Danube River. The fortress was built in the 14th century and is an impressive example of medieval architecture.

Another place you should definitely travel to is the historic town of Subotica, located on the Austro-Hungarian border. This is a very beautiful city, with an abundance of sights, including the 19th century city hall and the synagogue.

In Serbia, there is a great variety of regional specialties that you should definitely try. One of the most famous dishes is cevapcici, a minced meat dish served in a flatbread. It is a popular meal among the locals. Another dish you should not miss is the pita, a baked bread that is often served as a side dish to various dishes.

You should also try the various local wines. Serbia has a long tradition of wine growing and there are many different types of wine that you can try. Some of the most famous wines are Vranac and Gewürztraminer.

Serbia is a wonderful destination that has many fascinating cultural attractions and a rich gastronomic offer. From the imposing Golubac Fortress to charming Subotica and delicious specialties, you’ll have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure in Serbia.

Find your host in Serbia and have a great time!

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