Malawi is a beautiful country in Southeast Africa offering unique landscapes, rich culture and a variety of activities. It is a perfect destination for those looking for an adventure, exploring nature or simply relaxing. The capital city of Lilongwe is a vibrant city offering a variety of attractions and activities. The climate in Malawi is subtropical and temperatures range between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius.

Malawi offers a variety of attractions to explore. Some of the most popular attractions are the Lake Malawi National Park, Nyika National Park, Livingstonia Mission and Kande Beach. The Lake Malawi National Park is a beautiful place to observe the unique wildlife and flora. The Nyika National Park is a vast area offering a variety of wildlife and stunning landscapes. The Livingstonia Mission is a historic building housing some of the country’s most important attractions. Kande Beach is a popular beach where one can relax and enjoy the sun.

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