Welcome to the southern tip of Europe, to the place known as one of the oldest and most interesting borders in the world – to Gibraltar.

Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula, is a beautiful area known for its incredible natural and historical treasures. Here, the nature lover can discover breathtaking rock formations and pristine beaches along the coast and leisurely hiking trails in the vineyards.

With its history dating far back into antiquity, Gibraltar has a remarkable culture to offer: Travelers can sample its unique Mediterranean cuisine, explore its unparalleled history and find something for everyone, whether couples, families or solo travelers.

Gibraltar has a population of just under 32,000, most of whom reside in the capital, Gibraltar Town, and surrounding towns such as Sandy Bay, East Side and Westside. These towns are known for their stunning sandy beaches, British-Spanish culture, and beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea. While a visit to Gibraltar Town, which sits in a majestic rock shield atop the Rock of Gibraltar, is a must, Sandy Bay offers an expansive beach for sunbathing and horseback riding, as well as some excellent restaurants.

When you come to Gibraltar, there are a number of activities and sights to explore. You can visit the remarkable stalactites at St. Michaels Cave, the famous Refugio de Santiago Castillo, Gorhams Cave, O’Hara’s Battery Museum and the old Admiralty. You can also visit the spectacular cellars in Catalan Bay, the Holy Cathedral, King’s Chapel and Moorish Castle.

Gibraltar also has many exciting activities to offer. You can take a ride on the cable cars, on the water to the Monkey Rocks, relax in the vineyards or take a guided hike through the Mediterranean Sea.

When you come to Gibraltar, be sure to try the local cuisine as well. The local cuisine is based on typical Spanish and English dishes, but the region also has a number of unique dishes. Some of the most popular dishes are papas arrugadas con mojo, tortilla espanola, patatas bravas and frituras.

Gibraltar is a beautiful region that offers a unique culture, history and landscape. When traveling in this region, you can enjoy a variety of activities and explore incredible sights. Also, enjoy the local delicacies and make your stay in Gibraltar unforgettable.

Find your host in Gibraltar and have a great time!

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