Eritrea is a beautiful travel destination that attracts many visitors every year. It is a country full of culture, history and natural beauty. The capital city of Asmara is a vibrant and colourful city, full of historical sights and modern amenities. The city is known for its many colonial buildings, dating back to the Italian colonial era. Some of the most famous sights include the Grand Anseba Park, the Church of San Francisco and the National Museum. Asmara is also a great place to experience the local culture, with a variety of restaurants, bars and cafes serving a wide range of delicious dishes. There are many reasons why Eritrea is a great travel destination.

Eritrea is a country full of breathtaking landscapes, some of the most beautiful beaches in Africa. The coast is lined with white sandy beaches stretching for several kilometres. The coastal regions are also a paradise for birdwatchers, hosting a variety of rare species. Inland there are also many picturesque mountains and valleys, offering a wonderful hiking and camping experience.

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