Comoros is a beautiful travel destination that attracts many visitors every year. It is a country full of breathtaking landscapes, picturesque beaches and a rich culture. The islands are full of colorful flowers, exotic animals and a variety of activities that make each day unique. From the white sand beaches of the islands Grande Comore and Mohéli to the picturesque mountains and forests of the island Anjouan, Comoros offers a variety of experiences that make every visit unforgettable. There are also a number of historical sights that give an insight into the history of the country, such as the old fortress of Dziani Dzaha on Grande Comore. Comoros is also a paradise for nature lovers, with a variety of hiking trails that run through the picturesque mountains and forests. There are also a number of water activities, such as snorkeling, diving and kayaking, that take visitors into the untouched underwater world of the country. Comoros is a wonderful travel destination that will delight every visitor.

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