Welcome to Guam, a subtropical island in the Western Pacific Ocean, located halfway between Japan and Australia. Guam is a popular travel destination for tourists who want to enjoy the tropical climate, unique culture and beautiful surroundings. There is much to see and experience on Guam; from its beautiful beaches and picturesque landscapes to its interesting sights and impressive restaurants, bars and hotels.

The main town on Guam is Hagåtña, the largest city with a population of about 170,000. This place represents the center of all activities on the island and here you will find a wealth of sights and activities. These include the Guam Museum, the Guam Military Museum, several churches and monasteries, a government building and many other interesting places.

Some of the larger towns on Guam are Yona, with a population of about 25,000, and Tumon, with a population of about 30,000. Yona is a small town set in a picturesque landscape and is a good place to explore classic Guamese sights. Tumon is a lively town that attracts many tourists with its modern shopping malls, hotels and restaurants.

If you come to Guam, be sure to visit the many sights. One of the most famous is the Yokoi Cave System, where many American soldiers took shelter during World War II. Also interesting is the Latte Stone Park, where you can find ancient stone formations that are part of Guam’s cultural heritage. There are also many picturesque beaches, such as Gun Beach, Tumon Beach and Ritidian Beach.

For those who want to have unique experiences, Guam has a lot to offer. For example, visit Chamorro Village where you can learn about the culture and traditions of the Guamanian people. You can also participate in water sports, for example, surfing or snorkeling. In addition, there are many local foods that you can try on Guam, such as cheese soup, chicken katsu, tapioca soup and more.

There is much more to discover on Guam – from outdoor activities like hiking and camping to shopping opportunities and a variety of cultural events and festivals. One thing is for sure: you’ll have a great time and unique experiences here!

Find your host on Guam and have a great time!

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