South America

Welcome to South America – one of the most diverse and interesting destinations in the world. Whether you want to experience an exciting adventure, explore the natural beauty of the landscape, or lose yourself in the continent’s unique culture, South America offers a wide range of activities.

Visitors can enjoy South America’s largest cities, including Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Buenos Aires in Argentina, São Paulo in Brazil, Santiago in Chile and Bogotá in Colombia. These international metropolises attract thousands of tourists each year. There are countless attractions to explore, including Rio’s world-famous beaches, São Paulo’s imposing skyline, Buenos Aires’ historic architectural beauty, and Bogotá’s museums and galleries. In total, over 220 million people live in South America, making it one of the most populous continents in the world.

Travelers to South America are enthralled by the lush landscape and fascinating wildlife. In Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay, you’ll find the incredible Amazon, home to a variety of rare species and a unique ecosystem. Patagonia, in southern Chile and Argentina, is home to the dramatic mountain ranges and glaciers that make up another fascinating region of South America. No matter where you go, South America is a perfect place to experience the unique magic of the continent and its incredible natural beauty.

Explore South America’s cultural heritage, reflected in the continent’s cities, performance arts and music. In Brazil, experience the world-famous Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, known for its colorful parades and lively atmosphere. The Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires is an outstanding place to catch up on Argentina’s history. Or visit one of São Paulo’s spectacular museums, such as the Museu de Arte de São Paulo, which houses a leading collection of Brazilian art from all eras.

When it comes to food, South America is incredibly diverse. Try the different native dishes in each region. In Brazil, try the world-famous feijoada, a stew of beans and meat, or feast on a freshly made coxinha, stuffed with chicken, cheese and spices. In Argentina, taste one of the best steaks in the world, accompanied by a glass of local wine. And in Chile, be sure to try a choripan, a toasted roll with grilled chorizo and a separate sauce.

South America is also a perfect destination for adventure lovers. Take a safari through the incredible Pantanal to see a variety of species, or take a hike through the famous Andes Mountains to follow ancient cultural trails. Explore the vast Amazon rainforest to discover unique flora and fauna, or enjoy the incredible coastal scenery of South America’s Caribbean shores.

For travelers visiting South America, an unforgettable adventure is guaranteed. With diverse scenery, impressive cities, delicious food and exciting activities, South America offers an experience unlike any other. Discover for yourself the unique treasures of this fascinating continent.

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