Cancellation options for hosts and guests offers its host partners various cancellation options for guests booking through the booking portal. Hosts can set a minimum cancellation period or a period of time within which the booking can be cancelled at no additional cost to the guest. In addition, the guest can be enabled to pay before arrival. This is possible, for example, by credit card or online payment.

However, hosts are not allowed to cancel bookings. If a problem arises, guests must be rebooked on another date or have their money refunded.

For this reason, we recommend that hosts carefully review the cancellation policy you offer and make sure to check the booking calendar for the exact “current number of rooms” and their availability. These have a great impact on your rental business. To ensure that rebooking is possible, guests should carefully read each host’s terms and conditions before booking the trip.

In addition, “expressly for safety’s sake”, we recommend that guests take out travel cancellation insurance, as a booking cannot be refunded in the event of cancellation triggered by the customer to the extent that this option is not offered by the individual host.

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