Why does Metaholiday24 exist?

A few years ago our programmers started to think about a product that could offer real added value. One of us immediately said, let’s finally make an alternative to airbnb, booking.com and hotel.com only simpler and really fair for host and guest. Finally, the idea of Metaholiday24 was born. We focused on the core issue, interviewed different hotels and private hosts and took into account all that is important. The result is what you can see now. We want guests and hosts to have a positive experience with Metaholiday24. With our offer we support not only our Metaholiday24 team, but also many fantastic hosts worldwide who make sure every day that you as a guest have an unforgettable experience during your travels.

What exactly does Metaholiday24 do and what makes it different?

Metaholiday24.com is a user-friendly travel portal that offers a simple, user-friendly design and fast and reliable search in 10 different languages. With Metaholiday24.com, travelers and hosts can find a straightforward and cost-effective solution to their needs. The biggest advantage over other providers is that only a 3% fee is charged, while other providers charge fees between 14-35% directly and indirectly. Moreover, 50% of the revenue is used to support startups in the field of sustainability. It is a platform for those who value a community-oriented way of traveling, as both hosts and guests benefit. We offer a variety of travel options and accommodations, so you can be sure that you not only have a wide choice of destinations, but also a wide choice of accommodations and travel options.

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